Happy New Year!!

2011 has been an amazing year and I’ve been lucky enough to have met some truly amazing people. Starting in January I travelled to New Zealand having won a prize at TechEd 2010 in Berlin courtesy of Joob Software (gosh it seems so long ago). From there on my job took me to some amazing places including Dubai, Lithuania, Serbia, the wonderful Bulgaria and the delightful Macedonia where I got to work with two of my best friends Vladimir Meloski and Paula Januszkiewicz. From there it was onwards and upwards travelling to the states for the MVP Summit in Redmond and to Atlanta for TechEd 2011. Finally I have to mention my friends in Germany and the Nordics, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. These are some of my most favourite countries and I’ve had some great times there this year. A big thank you to all my customers and delegates alike, you’ve been amazing.

With the world undergoing a horrible recession I am well aware that many of my friends have suffered and thankfully we have been blessed with survival. But I take nothing for granted as we go into a new year. I started Quality Training 13 years ago and thankfully we have ridden the storm and for that I am truly thankful. A number of Scottish customers commented to that they have not seen much of our Dive Deeper series of events in 2011, well don’t worry I have a few things planned up my sleeve, so watch this space for more details. With 2012 ahead my passport is dusted off for a busy start. First up I’m back to Germany then onward to Seattle and hopefully to speak at TechEd 2012 in Florida and Amsterdam.

A lot of folks have asked me if I have any New Year resolutions.  Well yes, as a matter of fact I do. Firstly I’ve been on a diet for a couple of months. What can I say I just love the candy! Anyway it seems to be paying off. Secondly I’m going to finally finish my book and get it published. The book thing is something I’ve wanted to do for years, so fingers crossed 2012 will be the year. I’ve already written over 100,000 words, 38 chapters and a lot of late nights. I just hope someone wants to read it when complete. So what’s it about, I hear you say? Well just for you, here’s the scoop!

Seven Day’s

By Andy Malone

From a small 17th Century Scottish Village to the very seat of world power, come’s the story of an ordinary man who makes a discovery so shocking, that it will change the very foundation of life on Earth. As he attempts to uncover the truth, he is inadvertently thrown 300 years into an almost unrecognisable world. Now lost and alone he must he must make new alliances if he is to battle an unfolding nightmare. But as the clock ticks, a conspiracy is unfolding and a deadly assassin who is determined to stop at nothing to protect a secret so shocking that it lies at the very heart of creation itself.

So there you go! Anyway as the year comes to a close I wanted to wish all my family, friends. MCT’s. MVPs, Customers and delegates alike a very Happy New Year. Thank you for your continued friendship and amazing support. I hope that 2012 will be an amazing Year for you. As we say in Scotland, The Lord bless thee and keep thee, the Lord maketh his face to shine upon thee and give you peace this New Year.

All the very best and warmest regards

Andy Malone


About Andy Malone

Andy Malone Microsoft MVP, MCT Andy Malone is the CEO of Quality Training Ltd and founder of both the Dive Deeper Technology and Cybercrime Security events. Based in Scotland, Andy is a popular international event speaker and technology evangelist with over 15 years experience. Andy was also the 2006 winner of the Microsoft TechEd Speaker Idol contest. Andy has delivered technical and security content to thousands of delegates worldwide at various technical conferences, such as Microsoft TechEd, IT Pro-Connections and Tech-days. His passionate style of delivery, combined with a sense of fun has become his trademark. Although his primary focus is for security. Andy loves to talk about the Windows platform, Exchange and Office technologies. And with knowledge dating back to the MS-DOS 2 and Windows 2.0 era there is often an interesting story to be told. But technology never sleeps and Andy continues to work with the Microsoft product teams to create and deliver ground breaking material on Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 and beyond. For 2011/12 Andy is scheduled to deliver content in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the US to name but a few. Andy’s blog: http://blogs.quality-training.co.uk/blog
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